3 Types of Hair Accessories for Formal Events

The second best part of picking long prom dresses for a special event is picking the right hair style. Many classic up-dos and half up-dos are accented by the addition of different types of hair accessories. When paired with the right dress, these can make an outfit shine. Women who are planning their next event should check out these three accessory options to pair with long prom dresses.

  1. Rhinestone headbands. If you thought headbands were for little girls – think again. Rhinestone headbands can add a touch of glam to any formal dress. This is the ideal option if you are attending an event in the afternoon or one that is geared toward younger audiences like a sweet sixteen party. Simply slide the headband in place and style your classic messy bun around it for a look that is easy and fun.
  2. Adding hats to a dress is one of the most popular ideas for dressing down a formal gown. This style is often seen for holiday events or semi-formal events such as a garden party or outdoor wedding. A simple hat pinned in place works best with simple or lace covered dresses. If your dress is already accented with a belt, chunky jewelry, or beadwork – then skip this kind of accessory. You can find a full range of unique accessories at https://www.stacee.co.uk.
  3. Bows or Florals. Adding baby’s breath to your hair might seem a tad bridal but it is actually a look that has become quite popular in recent years. This simple addition or the addition of a well place bow can add a pop of color to your up-do without taking away from the glamour of your dress.